Pagic is a static site generator powered by Deno + React.

It is easy to configure, supports rendering md/tsx to static HTML page, and has a large number of official or third-party themes and plugins.


Easy to configure§

Pagic follows the principle of Convention over configuration, to reduce config options as much as possible, through some intuitive design, reduce the user's understanding cost, without losing flexibility.

Support md and tsx§

Pagic not only supports rendering md/tsx to static HTML page, but also runs React Hooks in tsx. With the programmability of React components, it greatly expands the capabilities of static websites.

It is worth noting that each page generated by Pagic has its own pre-rendered static HTML, providing great loading performance and is SEO-friendly. Yet, once the page is loaded, React takes over the static content and turns it into a full Single-Page Application (SPA). Extra pages are fetched on demand as the user navigates around the site.

Themes and plugins§

Pagic has official themes default/docs/blog. We can use the official theme to easily generate a website, also we can easily create a personalized theme, and even extend a theme-these capabilities are all thanks to Pagic’s intuitive _layout.tsx design.

The plugin is one of Pagic's core features. Pagic splits the entire build process into built-in plugins, allowing other plugins to be inserted at any position in the build process, and even completely change Pagic's build process by replacing the built-in plugins, which provides Pagic with unparalleled flexibility.

Pagic refers to the design of Deno and requires users to import third-party themes or plugins through a complete URL.

Compare to others§

As a "static site generator fanatic", I have used most of the popular static site generators. They are all excellent, but Pagic tried some new design concepts. Here are some key differences:

Pagic VuePress Hexo Jekyll Hugo
Support md
Allow tsx in config

Pagic stands on the shoulders of giants and refers to the config options and documents of some other static site generators. Hereby, I would like to express my sincere thanks to these open source projects and communities.