A static site generator powered by Deno + React

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Easy to configure

  • Convention over configuration
  • Single config file pagic.config.ts
  • Intuitive design

Support md and tsx

  • Render md/tsx to static HTML page
  • Support React Hooks
  • Pre-render to static HTML, run as an SPA once loaded

Themes and plugins

  • Official themes default/docs/blog with dark mode
  • Combine plugins to build process
  • Import third-party themes or plugins through URL

Get up and running in seconds

# Install pagic
deno install --unstable --allow-read --allow-write --allow-net --allow-run --name=pagic

# Create pagic.config.ts and
mkdir site && cd site && echo "export default {};" > pagic.config.ts && echo "# Hello world" >

# Run pagic
pagic build --watch --serve